Beaver Meadow Provincial Park


A Saturday in Antigonish

We started our day with a trip to the Antigonish Farmers Market to choose supper and to fortify ourselves with the amazing $2 cupcakes, from Cakes by Ellie, mocha chocolate for me. The honey pixie sticks were scooped up for our backpacks. Heirloom tomatoes, thin-skinned potatoes, and fall baby vegetables were added to the menu.

Beaver Mountain Park is about 15 km southwest of Antigonish. Take Exit 30 off Highway 104 then go 0.5 km south on Beaver Meadow Rd, turn right on Beaver Mountain Rd and go about 2 km to the park. This is a great way to spend an 2-3 hours.

Our group consisted of my 70 something mother, 3 kids ages 12 to 15, and me of middle age. There is a paved trail that is an easy walk,  and would be great for skiing once the snow falls. The gravel roads were decent, with the exception of a few ruts. My mother insisted that old homesteads would have been here once and that there had to be apples she could find, to turn into heavenly desserts. As usual mother was right.

The views from the ridge inspired a promise to return for another visit when the leaves have reached their peak.