Qui Wedgeport

Wedgeport in the winter is a petite french tale of taste and culture.

I drove along the Tusket River, admiring long views with stretches of russet coloured dykes and saltwater haystacks.

Tusket River

Tusket River








I am still awed by the grandeur of the churches and houses in rural Nova Scotia.

Paroisse Saint-Michel

Paroisse Saint-Michel








I love the bright colours of the houses in Wedgeport, it adds a shrug of “je ne sais quoi” to our Acadian communities. This pink one captured my imagination.

Pink House on Commeau's Hill

Pink House on Commeau’s Hill









I found the Brioche d’Or Cafe & Bakery. I tasted the croissant, pain au chocolat, and the brioche and I remembered the little french cafes from Paris. The Acadiana from the coffee menu caught my eye.

Gluten & Dairy Free Star Cookies

Gluten & Dairy Free Star Cookies








My timing didn’t permit visits to the Sport Tuna Wedgeport Museum or Tusket Island Tours.

Wedgeport Tuna Museum

Wedgeport Tuna Museum








I did stop at Carl’s for Rappie Pie (Rapure), Robichaud’s Mincemeat, and a small treat bag of dried haddock. Dessert will be lobster sugar cookies from Brioche d’Or Cafe.

Wedgeport is a 20 minute drive from Yarmouth.

La Shoppe a Carl

La Shoppe a Carl


Holiday Hike

Keji Rock Reflection Pool

The last few years have been so mild that we have worn sneakers or hiking shoes, of course toques, scarves and mitts are de rigeur in winter, no matter the weather. Hiking off Christmas dinner at Kejimkujik Seaside, has become a Christmas Day Tradition, and this year we were joined by friends old and new.

With good company and an easy, rolling, stroll we arrived beach side in a little better than an hour. A fellow hiker shared her father’s outdoor tea drink (black tea and sugar), along with spicy homemade cookies and chocolate. It was the perfect hiking menu, I felt the warmth of season, spice and friendship.

The shutterbugs among us took advantage of the people shots

Hiking Menu

and the sunsets.

Keji Sunsets

As hikes go this old, familiar, and favoured path with friends, old and new is a tradition that always inspires me to resolve to get out and hike more of Nova Scotia in the New Year.

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Keji Seaside Trail

Hiking on the South Shore of Nova Scotia over the Christmas Holidays has become a tradition in our family, as we usually have minimal snowfall. This year is no exception.

 Views that stretch in all directions of ocean and sedge grasses frame an hour walk to some of the most dramatic white sand beaches in Canada.


The trails today were snow covered for the most part and easy with treads, and manageable with sneakers. The 8.7 km hike is closed due to storm damage. The Harbour Rocks Trail was a perfect 2 hour hike.

 The seals have abandoned the prehistoric rocks they usually bask on, for waters inshore, but the gulls were there to greet us.


We packed our lunch and enjoyed hot peppermint tea from a thermos and dried apricots.

Kejimkujik Seaside is about 25 kilometres southwest of Liverpool. A two hour drive from Halifax.