The perfect winter Saturday morning, a crispy bite in the air and warm sunshine. A great day for a hike at Keppock Mountain.

Keppoch Views

Keppoch Views

The parking lot was full, snowshoers lacing up and working their way up the trails ahead of us, the lodge was full of backpacks and snowshoes.

People were collecting firewood, building lean to’s and gathering in groups. This was the weekend for an outdoor survival experience and 20 people are spending the night on the Keppoch to learn the skills needed for outdoor winter survival.

We discovered that we could hike without snowshoes but it wasn’t easy going. We tried a trail but soon turned back.

Before we reached the beautiful, newly renovated lodge we were offered snowshoes to use for a hike! We laced up and headed up the Summit East trail.

Need snowshoes? $5.00 will rent you a pair of snowshoes from the the Town or County of Antigonish.

Keppoch Summit East

Keppoch Summit East

Thanks to the folks who are building the Keppoch community. We enjoyed the fruits of your labour.

Want to join in the fun? February 15 is Keppoch Fun Day.

Keppoch Mountain is  about a 10 minute drive from downtown Antigonish.