UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve

The UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere reserve simplified.

What is it?

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve is a place where you can appreciate an extraordinary diverse natural landscape, surrounded by the sea, that has and continues to shape local culture.

What does it do?

Our work at the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association supports the three elements of biosphere reserves: conservation, sustainable development, and capacity building for research and education.

Where is it?

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO designated and internationally recognized region of natural and cultural heritage, located in Southwest Nova Scotia. The SNBR spans the 5 counties of Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne and Queens and is one of only 16 biosphere reserves in Canada.

How can I experience the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve?

There are a series of 11 vignettes here on youtube, all of these amazing experiences exist in your backyard. See you in the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve!

How do I get involved?

The UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.



Chippy Chippy Bang Bang in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

I ate lunch today from the Chippy Chippy Bang Bang Fish & Chip Truck on the Liverpool Waterfront…what delicious fun.
Free Fish & Chips! Do you know the words to Chippy Chippy Bang Bang? If so, your fish & chips are free!
What are the words you say? Just sing them with notes and be willing to have the video uploaded to youtube.
Find the details  here  www.chippychippybangbang.com/p/contest.html


Bio degradable packaging

They even offer Gluten Free Fish & Chips!
You will find Chippy Chippy Bang Bang on the Liverpool Waterfront, check out the schedule here. http://www.chippychippybangbang.com/
All choices of vinegar’s, ketchup, homemade tartar sauce, salt and pepper, bio degradable packaging, homemade fries, and the delightful company of owner Heather Kelly!
I love eating fish & chips on the Liverpool Waterfront!