Mushroom Medley

Rain, Rubber Boots and Mushrooms

The perfect day, the ground is still damp from the rain, the leaves are rotting nicely and pine needles carpet our path. Rubber boots, baskets, paper bags, gloves, cameras and digging tools complete our outfits. 

After a really good rain, out come the mushrooms and toadstools, the forest floor is littered with species. We spent a full morning taking photos and collecting samples. We found over 35 species and we are still working at identifying them.

We have very little knowledge of mushrooms and so we rely on a variety of people in the community to identify our harvest.

The Nova Scotia Mycological Society hosts a foray with workshops each year, Foray 2009 one was held in September in Cape Breton’s North River and over 120 different species were found. Four workshops were offered including “Pick for the Pot” expertly identified mushrooms to take home and enjoy.

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