I am the oldest of 7 children and when I was a kid, my mother would tell us that someday we would travel thousands of miles to see each other. My retort was “I wouldn’t go across the street to see him”. Today we do travel thousands of miles to see each other and this weekend I have family flying in from Ontario and Texas. This means that at low tide today, the kids and I load up the canoe with a clahoe, bucket and hats and head to the channel for mussels to feed the gang. When family decides to make a trip home to Nova Scotia, it becomes code for fresh seafood, and canadian beer. The menu for day one is mussels and planked salmon. The prep work for us is collecting mussels and hanging them off the wharf in an onion bag, until ready to cook. Hardwood for the fire. 5 sides of salmon 3 covered in bacon ready to be placed on the plank. Beer in the fridge and wine in the cupboard. This promises to be a great weekend!