Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

This is a series of reviews based on finding the Best Fish & Chips in Nova Scotia.

Restaurant- Mobile Food Truck: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

Where: Centennial Park, Waterfront Liverpool, Nova Scotia

What I Ate: 1 piece fish & chips, the fish was battered English style. No coleslaw.

Details: Delicious! The fish was fresh and tasty, with a thicker, dense style of batter. The chippies were some of the tastiest home cut fries I have eaten!  Ketchup, salt and both malt and white vinegar were neatly arranged on the bars.

Service: Excellent! Fast, fresh and friendly.CCBB parks next to Centennial Park, on the waterfront in Liverpool, next to the Tourist Bureau. Great views, shaded benches and picnic tables for your dining pleasure. Swings and and a small playground make the wait fun.

Atmosphere: What’s not to like, picnic tables and a playground on Liverpool’s waterfront, Centennial Park.

Price: 1 piece fish & chips, $4.00 with tax. All fish & chips are one piece. The fish & chips are priced according to size of the fish. I had a “small” (not so small) piece.

 Of Interest: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang is a mobile food truck and moves around to accommodate festivals and events, so check ahead. CCBB can be found at the Wharf Rat Rally this year in Digby. Scotch Eggs, and Curry and Chips are also on the menu. Sing for your supper? Free Fish & Chips

1 Piece Fish & Chips CCBB


Chippy Chippy Bang Bang in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

I ate lunch today from the Chippy Chippy Bang Bang Fish & Chip Truck on the Liverpool Waterfront…what delicious fun.
Free Fish & Chips! Do you know the words to Chippy Chippy Bang Bang? If so, your fish & chips are free!
What are the words you say? Just sing them with notes and be willing to have the video uploaded to youtube.
Find the details  here


Bio degradable packaging

They even offer Gluten Free Fish & Chips!
You will find Chippy Chippy Bang Bang on the Liverpool Waterfront, check out the schedule here.
All choices of vinegar’s, ketchup, homemade tartar sauce, salt and pepper, bio degradable packaging, homemade fries, and the delightful company of owner Heather Kelly!
I love eating fish & chips on the Liverpool Waterfront!

Woodpile Cafe Liverpool NS

Imagine a chef and a wood-carver get together…what would they create?

Liz's Carving Platform

Liz’s medium is wood and her art inspires us.  Liz’s work adorns the cafe along with other local artists. Liz also teaches carving classes in the evenings.

Mike creates the edible art that adorns our palates and plates. We delight in edibles like  Dill Pickle Soup and Curry Potato Salad.

Liverpool’s Woodpile Cafe is found on Main Street

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Keji Seaside Trail

Hiking on the South Shore of Nova Scotia over the Christmas Holidays has become a tradition in our family, as we usually have minimal snowfall. This year is no exception.

 Views that stretch in all directions of ocean and sedge grasses frame an hour walk to some of the most dramatic white sand beaches in Canada.


The trails today were snow covered for the most part and easy with treads, and manageable with sneakers. The 8.7 km hike is closed due to storm damage. The Harbour Rocks Trail was a perfect 2 hour hike.

 The seals have abandoned the prehistoric rocks they usually bask on, for waters inshore, but the gulls were there to greet us.


We packed our lunch and enjoyed hot peppermint tea from a thermos and dried apricots.

Kejimkujik Seaside is about 25 kilometres southwest of Liverpool. A two hour drive from Halifax.

The Best Fish & Chips in Nova Scotia

A girl could go mad with choice! Haddock or cod? Most fish & chips use haddock, once in a while cod or halibut is offered as a choice. Haddock or cod for me. Deep fried, pan-fried? Deep fried of course. Hand cut chips or frozen French fries? Hand cut of course.  Battered or crumbed? Crispy batter please. Wrapped in paper?  Without the ink please. I have fond memories of fish & chips on a cardboard plate and wooden forks. With lemon or tartar sauce?  Home made tartar and lemon please. Good quality ketchup for my chips. Vinegar? Malt or plain? Malt vinegar and lots of salt, this is the time to wallow in fat and sugar.

What defines the best fish & chips? To determine the best fish & chips in Nova Scotia we used a combined methodology of straw poll and travels around the province. We based our tests on taste, price, and the extra…hand cut fries, ambience, homemade tartar sauce, freshest fish or best batter. This non exact science provided me with a frame of reference to list the top ten. Lanes Privateer Inn, hit the top by providing fish so fresh, it was rude, crispy batter, hand cut fries, and top quality tartar sauce and ketchup. There were many others that kept popping up so we have included our list of the top ten places in Nova Scotia for fish & chips.

1. Lane’s Privateer Inn Liverpool

2. Roadside Grill Belliveau’s Cove

3. Murphy’s Fish & Chips Truro

4. Phil’s Seafood Quinpool Road Halifax

5. Island View Restaurant Western Shore

6. Durty Nelly’s Halifax

7. July & Joanne’s Digby (Truck Seasonal)

8. John’s Lunch Woodside

9. Steel City Tavern Sydney

10. The Snack Place Yarmouth