LaHave Bakery & Crescent Beach Kinda Morning

How to spend a morning in Lunenburg.

A visit to Crescent Beach is always a good reason to plan for lunch at the LaHave Bakery.

Handstands on Crescent Beach

Handstands on Crescent Beach


Work up an appetite walking or hand-standing on the white sand beach.





Clam Shells & Seaweed

Clam Shells & Seaweed



Be a beachcomber..






Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats



Invite a friend to lunch!




LaHave Bakery

LaHave Bakery



Or just enjoy the company!




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Nova Scotia Flavour-Kejimkujik Ice Cream

Toast marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate over an open campfire and you have s’mores- mix it up with chocolate ice cream and you have Nova Scotia’s best new flavour of ice cream-Kejimkujik Campfire S’mores.

Kejimkujik Campfire S'more Ice Cream in Petite Riviere

Driving from East Port Medway to Bridgewater, we stopped at local wharves and beaches, soaking up the  sights and sounds on the first day of May.

Glorious Mud

We stopped at Glorious Mud, to admire the architecture and art, but mostly to admire the art.

Cherry Hill Beach at High Tide

We wondered about the green colour of the sea, and if anyone was digging clams at low tide on Cherry Hill Beach. We had Cherry Hill Beach all to ourselves except for the plovers.

Crescent Beach

Crescent beach was populated with beach goers,  steely eyed gulls and pipers. We still feel both exhilarated and uncomfortable at the same time, about driving a car on a beach.

Local Wharf

We admired boats and buoys, lobster traps and ropes,

Beach Stone Houses

and Beach Stone Houses.

LaHave Bakery

We ate the perfected LaHave Bakery Bagels, adorned with cream cheese, smoked salmon and red onions, while people watching from a perfect window seat. We discussed the merits of sourdough versus milk and honey bread. We choose another bag of bagels.

Red Fox

And just when we thought it could not get any better, it did.