Hiking Kejimkujik Little Fairies

Kejimkujik’s name comes from the Mi’kmaw word Kejimkuji’jk meaning little fairies.

Little Faries

Little Fairies


Kejimikujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada is in Maitland Bridge a 2.5 hour drive from Halifax, 2.5 from Yarmouth and a 1.5 hour drive from Digby.




Our favourite time to hike Keji is the fall, the landscape evolves into a new view everyday.

Queens County Autumn




Trails vary in length from 0.2 km to 3.5 km, offering something for everyone.




Kejimkujik offers volunteer experiences through the Southwest Nova Volunteer Program.

Keji Frog


This is a group of organizations, Parks Canada, Friends of Keji, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute and Bird Studies Canada and individuals are working  to help species at risk and enhance environmental conservation.



You can get involved!  volunteer.keji@pc.gc.ca | (902) 298-0486

Keji Mushrooms









My Favourite Nova Scotia Colours

What if Nova Scotia was represented in a box of crayons? What colours would you choose? What is your favorite colour? Add a colour of your own to the poll at the bottom of this post!

My favorite colour: Sea Glass Brown or Lunenburg Red or Digby Pines Green, maybe Citadel Hill White…

Crescent Beach Blue

Crescent Beach in Lunenburg County is one of the few beaches in Nova Scotia where you can drive your vehicle.

Kejimkujik Green

With this many hectares devoted to a National Park, this is the place to explore your wild side.

Cabot Trail Red

The Cabot Trail is breathtaking anytime, but autumn is art inspiring.

Sea Glass Brown

Sea Glass can be found on many beaches and brown is probably one of the more popular shades.

Sea urchin Green

Sea urchins are a favourite food for our seagulls, you will find the empty shells when beach combing. Be careful they are very delicate.

Quahog Yellow

Have you ever eaten a quahog burger? Only in Nova Scotia! We like them best in rapure: a traditional Acadien Dish found on the French Shore.

Clam Black

Digging clams in Nova Scotia is fun and delicious.

Mussel Blue

Nova Scotia mussels are found on menu’s everywhere.  For a recipe http://myatlanticrecipes.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/flex-your-mussels/

Apple Blossom Pink

Apple Cheeks: Apple Pie : You’re the apple of my eye!

The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival takes place May 25, 2011 http://www.appleblossom.com/

Carters Beach Sand Silver

One of the best kept secrets on the South Shore! Find directions here. http://www.destinationsouthwestnova.com/plan-your-trip/

Drowned Forest Green

This forest is 1500 years old!

Whale Tail Blue

Whale watching is available throughout Nova Scotia. Brier Island, Cape Breton, Halifax to name a few.

Shucked Oyster Pink

Fresh oysters are widely available throughout Nova Scotia.

A visit to our maple syrup, maple sugar farm can be fun anytime of year.Everything is attractively packaged including these bottles of Nova Scotia maple syrup.

Maple Sugar Moon Amber

Ski Hill White

Martock, Ben Eion, Wentworth to name a few.

Strawberry Jam Red

We found these at the Farmers Market in Liverpool, also home to the Orange Rangers and the Liverpool Privateers.

Mulgrave Cliff’s Purple

Lighthouse  White

Peggy’s Cove is the only working post office lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Digby Scallop Shell Pink

Digby Scallop days begin on August 4th,2011.

Nova Scotia Coast

Kayak  Wave Blue

Pick a spot any spot in Nova Scotia and go for a paddle.

Lobster Buoy Orange

Lobster Season is open in Nova Scotia!

Mahone Bay Scarecrow Black

The Scarecrow Festival is an annual event in Mahone Bay.

Valley Pumpkin Festival Orange


Lupin’s are a roadside feast for the eyes.

Piping Plover Grey

Lobster Blue

Lobster Red

Dulse  Purple

Eaten from a bag bought roadside is best, as a snack. We also flavour soups and tear it into strips and add to rice or a salad.

Oxen Brown

Exhibitions throughout Nova Scotia.

[Photo of turtle]

Blandings Turtle Yellow

Volunteer through friends of Kejimkujik to help protect the Blandings Turtle.

Lady Slipper Pink

Nova Scotia wild flowers:remember not to pick them!

Citadel Hill Tower White

White Point Bunny Brown

Digby Pines Green

Acadien Flag Red

Explore our exciting and wonderful cultureshttps://novascotialocal.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/festival-acadien-de-clare-2010/

Bluenose Blue

Find the Bluenose at home in Lunenburg.

Lunenburg Red

Bring a camera and a sense of adventure for a visit to Lunenburg.

Yarmouth Fishing Fleet Blue

Bay of Fundy Cape Split Red

Paint your hike any colour you like.

Pitcher Plant Red

A protected species found in kejimkujik Seaside National Park.

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Kejimkujik Seaside’s Boots & Views of Nova Scotia

Keji Seaside Trail

Hiking on the South Shore of Nova Scotia over the Christmas Holidays has become a tradition in our family, as we usually have minimal snowfall. This year is no exception.

 Views that stretch in all directions of ocean and sedge grasses frame an hour walk to some of the most dramatic white sand beaches in Canada.


The trails today were snow covered for the most part and easy with treads, and manageable with sneakers. The 8.7 km hike is closed due to storm damage. The Harbour Rocks Trail was a perfect 2 hour hike.

 The seals have abandoned the prehistoric rocks they usually bask on, for waters inshore, but the gulls were there to greet us.


We packed our lunch and enjoyed hot peppermint tea from a thermos and dried apricots.

Kejimkujik Seaside is about 25 kilometres southwest of Liverpool. A two hour drive from Halifax.