Back Roads Nova Scotia

Back Roads Nova Scotia

This is one of the many things I love about Nova Scotia, back roads!

Lighthouse Nova Scotia

This is the time of year to hike or bike  our back roads and enjoy the Nova Scotia colours in the fresh air.

Colours of Nova Scotia

Unleash your inner shutterbug, bring along your camera on a back road expedition.

Big Sky and Water Nova Scotia

The beaches and skies are my kind of drama queens.

Beach Nova Scotia

Invite a friend and  find your back roads.


Lobsters & Leaves


An October day in Halls Harbour

You suddenly find yourself faced with nothing but cliffs and water, and the road turns almost completely back on itself and you wonder how you arrived here, at the edge of the Nova Scotia.

Halls Harbour is on the Bay of Fundy, just 15 minutes north of Kentville on Highway 359, less than 2 hours from Halifax.

100 billion tonnes of seawater in and out of the Bay of Fundy twice a day has created a legacy of foods that define Nova Scotia, and we were ready to indulge in a few.  

There is something earthy and exciting about eating freshly cooked lobster on a wharf, while watching the boats that landed your meal. Halls Harbour Lobster Pound was that place.

All tucked in, we drive west of the Lobster Pound and follow the first dirt road on the right,  Simpson Road and drive until we take the next right, finding ourselves on a well-travelled road lined with cottages. As we continue to drive toward the water we notice on our left cottages that look like we have landed in a faerie tale.These are the Charles MacDonald concrete cottages.

When we leave Halls Harbour, we drove along the picture perfect back roads, without a plan other than to head towards Halifax and catch the drama of the leaves on our cameras. Photo opportunites were along every road and turn, with endless views and hues.

Meandering through the backroads led us to Foxhill Cheese House, where we stocked up on cheese curds and gouda.

The pumpkins we bought along the roadside we named Jack.

 *Halls Harbour Lobster Pound closes October 11th for the season.