Sea Clams and Wild Pounding Surf

If you don’t have kids of your own, ages 7-16 who are at home in the water, borrow some! Check for the next full moon (September 04 the 5thand 6th are fine too) and pack a lunch, along with sweaters, towels, bathing suits, onion net bags, buckets and snorkels. Drive your car to Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia and drive your car (slowly) on Crescent beach. Park at about the halfway up the beach, and set up your picnic spot. I estimate low tide to be at about 2:00pm on Saturday September 05, so we will be there for noon.

Now with kids in tow, snorkels, and barefeet wade into the wild pounding surf  between knee and waist level, all the while feeling with your feet for a “soft rock” or a “sandy bump” then hold the position, while your kid or partner dives to retreive the sea clam. Once you find your first one, the rest come easy. The wild pounding surf, the salt water, the fresh sea air, the headiness of  the harvest creates a very zen experience.

Once you have enough of a harvest to feed your clan, pack them into a bucket filled with sea water to spit out the sand. Meanwhile enjoy your picnic at the beach and enjoy some body surfing. Plan to give your catch time to spit out the sand and enjoy stuffed sea clams in the evening as a treat or the next day.

How to prepare Stuffed Sea Clams

Sea Clams, Parsley, onion, garlic, cracker crumbs,  chili’s, white wine, Parmesan cheese. This is a guide, you bring your tastes and adventures to this recipe.

Place sea clams in a pot or pan with a lid (no water) and turn the heat to high, the clams will produce their own juices. Once open remove clams from shell and cut off and discard the stomachs. Save broth. Wash the meats carefully removing the sand. Chop clams add parsley, onion, garlic, cracker crumbs and chili’s to taste, mix in a bowl add broth and wine if desired to moisten mixture. Stuff shells with mixture, sprinkle with Parmesan and heat under broiler. Serve and enjoy!