Qui Wedgeport

Wedgeport in the winter is a petite french tale of taste and culture.

I drove along the Tusket River, admiring long views with stretches of russet coloured dykes and saltwater haystacks.

Tusket River

Tusket River








I am still awed by the grandeur of the churches and houses in rural Nova Scotia.

Paroisse Saint-Michel

Paroisse Saint-Michel








I love the bright colours of the houses in Wedgeport, it adds a shrug of “je ne sais quoi” to our Acadian communities. This pink one captured my imagination.

Pink House on Commeau's Hill

Pink House on Commeau’s Hill









I found the Brioche d’Or Cafe & Bakery. I tasted the croissant, pain au chocolat, and the brioche and I remembered the little french cafes from Paris. The Acadiana from the coffee menu caught my eye.

Gluten & Dairy Free Star Cookies

Gluten & Dairy Free Star Cookies








My timing didn’t permit visits to the Sport Tuna Wedgeport Museum or Tusket Island Tours.

Wedgeport Tuna Museum

Wedgeport Tuna Museum








I did stop at Carl’s for Rappie Pie (Rapure), Robichaud’s Mincemeat, and a small treat bag of dried haddock. Dessert will be lobster sugar cookies from Brioche d’Or Cafe.

Wedgeport is a 20 minute drive from Yarmouth.

La Shoppe a Carl

La Shoppe a Carl


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