Snow Geese in Nova Scotia

It started with a perfect crescent moon this morning.

Crescent Moon







Really Snow Geese, here in Nova Scotia? I did a quick “google” search and found a listing on Environment Canada’s website, where I learned the French name, Oie des Neiges, and the scientific name, Chen Caerulescens of the Snow Goose.

Snow Geese






I read that they are rare to uncommon transient. What a wonderful surprise to see a dozen of them resting on their long black legs, with their heads snugly tucked under their wings.  Have they been blown off course?

Jack Frosty Morning







The frosty morning disappeared into a mild day, perhaps they flew in on the Sou’wester!


2 thoughts on “Snow Geese in Nova Scotia

  1. Wonderful post! Wish I was there to see it. We have some crows nesting in our yard for the winter, infinitely less fascinating than your geese. Haha

    • I was impressed with all the local knowledge about the snow geese, our hunting population is very well informed about their history and their migration. They certainly were fun to see. Oh and the crows were here too!

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