Foraging for Chanterelles in Nova Scotia


Years of admiring Chanterelles at the farmers markets and enthusiastic mushroom forages have inspired me to continue to hunt for Chanterelles any time I strike out for a walk.

I always remember the instructions, a combination of pine trees and roadside are the best spots to hunt for Chanterelles.

If you think you have found Chanterelles, look for the following attributes to help identify them,  orangey-yellow, fruity smell reminiscent of apricots, separate gills, separate stems, convex or fluted tops, filled stem (not hollow).

The Chanterelle must not be confused with the poisonous Jack-O-Lantern or the toxic False Chanterelle.

This is one of the Chanterelles I found on my walk so I thought I would turn to the experts to see if these were indeed Chanterelles.

I have bought Chanterelles from Veronica of G.E.M.M.S. Forest & Farms at the Antigonish Farmers Market, and so who better to bring my mushroom to for final verification. She gave it a cursory look and then a delicate sniff and confirmed that I indeed had found a Chanterelle. She was very quick to point out however that this one was past its prime!

As with all mushroom foraging, always err on the side of caution and have a trained eye confirm that your harvest is edible.

Happy mushroom foraging!


Nova Scotia Fibre Arts

This weekend is the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst. I am learning very quickly that there is a vibrant and exciting crowd of artists and fans. There are still a few spots available in some of the workshops.

We have amazing fibre and textile artists throughout Nova Scotia. We have the  internationally acclaimed like Laurie Swim of Lunenburg, or Marrie Berkelaar of Double Whale Woven Designs. How about our celebrated Cheticamp rug hookers? Or Deanne Fitzpatrick of Amherst?

Marrie of Double Whale Woven Designs

We forget here in Nova Scotia to celebrate the rich fibre history of our own families, fibre arts that existed out of necessity and grew into pieces of art that reflect our history. Our quilts and rugs, that are still in use everyday, in our homes.

Come celebrate with the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival!