Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

This is a series of reviews based on finding the Best Fish & Chips in Nova Scotia.

Restaurant- Mobile Food Truck: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

Where: Centennial Park, Waterfront Liverpool, Nova Scotia

What I Ate: 1 piece fish & chips, the fish was battered English style. No coleslaw.

Details: Delicious! The fish was fresh and tasty, with a thicker, dense style of batter. The chippies were some of the tastiest home cut fries I have eaten!  Ketchup, salt and both malt and white vinegar were neatly arranged on the bars.

Service: Excellent! Fast, fresh and friendly.CCBB parks next to Centennial Park, on the waterfront in Liverpool, next to the Tourist Bureau. Great views, shaded benches and picnic tables for your dining pleasure. Swings and and a small playground make the wait fun.

Atmosphere: What’s not to like, picnic tables and a playground on Liverpool’s waterfront, Centennial Park.

Price: 1 piece fish & chips, $4.00 with tax. All fish & chips are one piece. The fish & chips are priced according to size of the fish. I had a “small” (not so small) piece.

 Of Interest: Chippy Chippy Bang Bang is a mobile food truck and moves around to accommodate festivals and events, so check ahead. CCBB can be found at the Wharf Rat Rally this year in Digby. Scotch Eggs, and Curry and Chips are also on the menu. Sing for your supper? Free Fish & Chips

1 Piece Fish & Chips CCBB


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