Murphy’s Fish & Chips

This is a series of reviews based on finding the Best Fish & Chips in Nova Scotia.

Restaurant: Murphy’s Fish & Chips 

Where: Truro, Nova Scotia

What I Ate: 1 piece fish & chips, the fish was battered English style. It came with coleslaw and tartar sauce.

Details: The fish was light and crisp. The fries were disappointing. The coleslaw was creamy and crunchy. The tartar sauce was good. I loved the fish themed plates. Both malt and white vinegar were on the table. I asked for lemon. The ketchup was Heinz.

Service: Excellent! Fast & Fresh.

Atmosphere: Cozy booths and walls lined with lots of fun sea themes. Kinda kitschy and perfect for enjoying with company.

Price: 1 piece fish & chips, $8.04 with tax.

 Of Interest: A bit of a drive from the 100 series highway, but worth it for the fish and the scenic drive through Truro. Head towards VIA Rail and Murphy’s is in the same complex.


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