The Best Fish & Chips Nova Scotia

Time to rediscover the best fish & chips in Nova Scotia for 2012!

Fish & Chips & Lobster Gear

The last time I posted the  Best Fish & Chips in Nova Scotia, I awarded first place to  Lanes Privateer Inn in Liverpool and they hit the top by providing fish so fresh, it was rude, crispy batter, hand cut fries, and top quality tartar sauce and ketchup. Ambiance counted and Lane’s delivered with 3 choices, an elegant brightly lit dining room, a warm and inviting pub, or an outdoor dining patio overlooking the Mersey River.

The same as last time I will be using a combined methodology of straw poll and travels around the province. I based my tests on taste, price, and the extra…hand cut fries, ambience, homemade tartar sauce, freshest fish or best batter. This non exact science provided me with a frame of reference to list the top ten.  There are so many wonderful places that serve delicious fish & chips in Nova Scotia that it’s always a challenge to choose who has the best!

Nova Scotia Fish & Chips

Do you have a fav? Did you eat the best fish & chips in Nova Scotia in 2012? Let me know, and I will check them out and give them my review!


Clam Digging on the Bay of Fundy

Lucky me, I was the guest of Fundy Adventures in Gulliver’s Cove. Wanda and Calvin Van Tassel were our hosts, along with Terry Lee Wilkins aka “The Clammer”.

On the Bay of Fundy with "The Clammer"

Fundy Adventures Clam Digging

Educated and eager with clam hacks and buckets ready we headed to the flats to dig for our dinner.


We soon learned to recognize the right size holes in the sand, how to prep for the dig and the final scoop and grab.

There is magic that happens when you spend a couple of hours at the beach with a great bunch of people and you bring home the clams! Or eat them on the beach!