Ross Farm


New Lambs at New Ross Farm

One of the best times to visit Ross Farm is in the spring.The new babies are heritage breeds of sheep, chickens, pigs, cattle and horses that were common on rural Nova Scotia farms in the 1800`s.

The whole family will enjoy the fresh air and freedom to run and explore. Find the new kittens (usually around the cow barn). Take a ride on a hay wagon.


Blacksmith replacing worn hinges

The blacksmith is busy replacing worn hinges.

The cooper is busy making baskets, buckets and barrels for the up coming crops.

Coopers New Buckets

The Cooper`s new buckets

The keepers of Rose Bank Cottage are busy cooking the spring crops, like stewed rhubarb on fresh biscuits and  rhubarb cake.

Keeper of Rose Bank Cottage

Keeper of Rose Bank Cottage

Ross Farm is located in New Ross, 20 kilometres off the Lighthouse Route or 45 kilometres off the Evangeline Trail. 100 kilometres from Halifax.

Ross Farm