The Sugar Woods Nova Scotia Maple Syrup

Below-freezing nights followed by warm days are necessary to start the sap flowing from maple trees, a period that usually begins in late February or early March. These past warm days and nights mean that the sap has begun to run and all early signs indicate a bumper crop this year.

Friends of Keji hosted about a hundred people this March at Kejimkujik National Park in celebration of Spring and Maple Syrup. Maple producers throughout Nova Scotia are celebrating this certain herald of spring.

As my last bottle of maple syrup dwindles, I am looking forward to replenishing my cupboards. Maple syrup is classed and graded by colour, from light amber to dark. I personally prefer the dark, for its full-bodied earthy sweetness.

I use maple syrup for a sweetener and a glaze, I pour it over pancakes, french toast, crepes, ice cream and fruit, I add it to mashed squash and salad dressings.


Acadian Maple Products blog describes the health benefits of maple syrup. I have yet to try the Master Cleanse, but maybe this spring.

If you haven’t already, gather up your crowd and make the most of these beautiful spring days and head out to the sugar woods for your own adventure. Stock ¬†your cupboards for the coming year. Maple festivals and events.

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Nova Scotia Maple Producers