Chippy Chippy Bang Bang in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

I ate lunch today from the Chippy Chippy Bang Bang Fish & Chip Truck on the Liverpool Waterfront…what delicious fun.
Free Fish & Chips! Do you know the words to Chippy Chippy Bang Bang? If so, your fish & chips are free!
What are the words you say? Just sing them with notes and be willing to have the video uploaded to youtube.
Find the details  here


Bio degradable packaging

They even offer Gluten Free Fish & Chips!
You will find Chippy Chippy Bang Bang on the Liverpool Waterfront, check out the schedule here.
All choices of vinegar’s, ketchup, homemade tartar sauce, salt and pepper, bio degradable packaging, homemade fries, and the delightful company of owner Heather Kelly!
I love eating fish & chips on the Liverpool Waterfront!