Ski Martock

Welcome to Martock

The only reason my 13 year old wants to ski with me is to laugh at my lack of skill. Its been 7 years since I strapped on skis and at 50, I have new worries to accompany my old ones, especially about breaking my neck.

However my kids convince me with the appropiate amount of whining and guilt that they are overdue for a fun time with me. I can’t argue with that, so a day at Martock it is!

We drive for 1.5 hours to get to Martock only to land amidst 2 late school bus arrivals, so 160 kids are in line with us! Martock has perfected the art of processing skiers and we move through relatively quickly.

Martock School Ski Trips

I remind a few kids of their manners, the use of excuse me. My kids groan and remind me to have patience, I respond with “I certainly hope that if you or you’re sister are rude, that someone notices and reminds you to use you’re manners”  This immediately brings on a long session of eye rolling.

We have 2 snow boarders and 2 skiers of which I am one. I keep a running tally in my head of the ski lift versus me. Usually its about 3 to 1 for the ski lift(how many times I get off without falling).

Ski Martock

$49.50 gets me an adult combo-ski lift and rentals pass for the day. I strap on my skis, grab my poles and try to look like I know what I am doing as I follow my 13 year old to the  chair lift.

I stand in line and smile back at the young well dressed snow boarder smiling at me. My 13 year old tells me not to smile back and I realize that he is smiling at her not me.

We manage to get on the chair lift, and are airborne with some terrific views. Although I still worry about skiing off the edge of the ledge whenever I get on the lift. The views are fabulous and the conversation on the chair lift worth the price of admission. I remember how much I enjoy talking with my kids and how lucky I am to know them. I am also reminded that its great to slow down and spend time just being in the moment.

Martock Views

My 16 year old is considerate and concerned for my well being when not admiring the skill and finesse of her boyfriend, which takes almost all of her time.

Its takes some time but my muscles remember how to bend and turn and sweep and I am feeling pretty good about being 50 and getting up and down the runs with my kids.

My kids tell me I am too cautious and that makes me slow. I am fine with slow and hey, I am ahead of the chair lift. I haven’t fallen from it once.

We head to the lodge for a triple trip, and an avalanche. Beaver tails all around. Donut pastry deep fried, painted with butter and then topped with cream cheese, chocolate and skor pieces. As an apres ski, I cannot recommend anything better!

Beaver Tails

We end the day early due to the cold and our other commitments. We pack up and hand our equipment back to the groovy people who work at Martock. They all look like they are skiers who belong on the hill and are waiting for the moment when they too will hit the slopes. The staff were gracious and real, it made me think that maybe,  if I could get a job at Martock, I might be as groovy as they looked and become a really good skier!

I comfort myself with the thought that I am a really good beaver tail eater!

Snow Boarder

From Halifax:
Take Highway 101 to Annapolis Valley, exit 5 and follow signs to Martock. Signs are well posted. It is approximately a 45 minute drive.

From the Annapolis Valley:
Take exit 5 off the 101 and follow the signs to Martock. Approximately 30 minute drive from Kentville.

From Chester/South Shore
Take exit 8 from Highway 103 onto the old highway 14 (heading to Windsor), Martock will on the right hand side – just look for the sign – approximately 30 minutes.


Best Breakfast on the South Shore

Okay, what makes a really good breakfast?

How do you like your eggs?

For me bacon and eggs, toast and home fries are the gold standard.

So, where do you find the best breakfast on the South Shore? Jerry’s Diner in Bridgewater.

They ask all the right questions bacon, sausage, ham or corned beef hash?

White or whole wheat?

How would you like your eggs?

Home fries deep fried of pan fried with onions?

Waiting at the counter


The prices are exactly what a breakfast should cost and the special is available all day long.

Admire the cook's skill

Jerry’s Diner in Bridgewater is perfect for the nostalgic breakfast seeker. The girls cook your breakfast while you sit at the counter on in a highly coveted booth and admire their skill at the grill. Just like Mom’s!