Festival Acadien de Clare 2010

Tribute to Herb LeBlanc

What an formidable festival this year! With a tribute to Herb LeBlanc, I was a  lucky girl, to  attend opening night with the band 1755 (brought together again for the tribute) and la Baie en Joie.

This festival is the oldest Acadian Festival and is a celebration of Acadian culture and heritage. Thousands of people from around the world come every year to join in the celebrations and what a party!

La Baie en Joie

The Band 1755 entertained  a crowd of over 1300 with ballads and songs that broke into dance and singalongs all night long! Every one under the big tent raised their voices to sing along to CB Buddy! Here are the words for the chorus, just in case you are lucky enough to find yourself in a group of Acadians.

Je leur crie salut C.B. Buddie, hallo honkey tonkey

Je chu tired de m’ouère promener sur les high-way

Ten-four, there teddy bear right-on rolling vagabond

Je chu tired de m’ouère promener sur les high-way

I now own a copy of 1755 CD available at the http://www.rendezvousdelabaie.com/

As usual, I ate la grosse coques rapure and quahog burgers, and enjoyed the company of warm and welcoming Acadiens! The special treat this year was Clams a Maurice, pan fried clams and eggs for breakfast, a new favourite!

To plan your visit next year check out the website http://festivalacadiendeclare.ca/