Woodpile Cafe Liverpool NS

Imagine a chef and a wood-carver get together…what would they create?

Liz's Carving Platform

Liz’s medium is wood and her art inspires us.  Liz’s work adorns the cafe along with other local artists. Liz also teaches carving classes in the evenings.

Mike creates the edible art that adorns our palates and plates. We delight in edibles like  Dill Pickle Soup and Curry Potato Salad.

Liverpool’s Woodpile Cafe is found on Main Street http://www.woodpilecarvings.com/


3 thoughts on “Woodpile Cafe Liverpool NS

  1. I love the curry potato salad at the Woodpile and must stop in every time I’m in or near Liverpool! Great spot!

    • We love the curry potato salad too, and the one of a kind homemade soups!
      The carvings and other art create a great setting to enjoy a meal!
      PS Next time try the London Fog Tea Latte.

  2. What a wonderful cafe with the most delicious food that tastes great and is good for you. I stopped by the other day and had a bowl of seafood chowder – it was amazing – so good. I can’t wait to go back for more…I have stopped into the Woodpile more than six or eight times and each and every time the food was excellent. I would be happy to recommend this great place to eat.

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