Nova Scotia’s Heart of the Valley

Middleton, Heart of the Valley.

The downtown core of Middleton provided me with the services I needed, but offered nothing outstanding that I could find, however, along the edge of Middleton was breathtaking and beguiling.

It sounds cliché to say pastoral rolling fields, but to see them was anything but cliché, the Heart of the Valley, hence Middleton was evident when I looked around, the obvious bowl of the Valley, with the rising mountains on either side in clear view.

Lush and green with backyard farms and hearty cattle, next to state of the art farming operations, I knew immediately that this why Middleton is the heart of the Valley.

I have visited Delusion before, but never by back country roads.

Middleton is about a 2 hour drive from Halifax or Yarmouth, 1.5 hours from Liverpool and 1 hour from Digby.  Make plans to meander our back roads.