Pictou The Tartan Heart

Pictou the Tartan Heart

Pictou, Nova Scotia is a town and a county, a sister and a brother to Stellarton, Westville, New Glasgow and Trenton. This group sails under the Pictou Tartan (pictured above) who’s colours represent, green for the forest, blue for the rivers and ocean, yellow for the golden beaches, white for the lighthouses, red for the industry and purple for the Scots. www.tourismpictoucounty.com

History here has long roots to African and Scottish Nova Scotia, these roots also extend to First Nations, British, English, Irish, Dutch , French, Asian, and Mediterranean, creating a mosaic  of spirited people.

Pictou County is a playground for day explorers, stay in any or each of these places and discover how to hatch a lobster or catch a movie at the Empire Drive In or maybe ask Mrs McGregor for her oatcake recipe.  You will find day programming for kids of all ages, water slides and shopping districts. Pictou County offers play for the whole family. www.tourismpictoucounty.com

NFL or Northumberland Ferries sail between Pictou, NS  and Woods Island, PEI. http://www.peiferry.com/ This ferry was built by Pictou Industries and can carry up to 220 cars and 600 passengers. The crossing takes 75 minutes and gives you bragging rights for sailing the Northumberland Strait.


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