Brier Island is about the journey and the destination. This trip starts in Digby, home to World famous Digby Scallops and the Princess of Acadia, a car ferry that sails between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Take this ferry and you have now sailed the Bay of Fundy, highest tides in the world! Check out Digby Chicks, (that’s right Digby Chicks not Dixie Chicks). Smoked herring, it was said to have replaced christmas dinner when the locals couldn’t afford chicken. Delicious! From Digby to the Long Island Ferry is about 45 Kilometres, to Brier Island is another 18 kilometres. Give yourself a generous 1.5 hours for this trip including ferries. This is a 2 ferry trip. The East Ferry to Tiverton, Long Island, runs every hour on the half hour (:30). Returning from Tiverton, Long Island, to East Ferry runs every hour on the top of the hour (:00). Freeport to Brier Island runs every hour on the top of the hour (:00). Returning from Brier Island to Freeport runs every hour at 25 minutes past the hour (:25). Leave time to chat with the locals and lunch at Lavina’s Catch in East Ferry. Brier Island is easily explored and is famous for its whales, this area is a marine rich feeding ground for whales, and the sightings are plentiful. The Island itself has great photo opps, with coastlines, beaches, wharves, boats, architecture influenced by the sea, and lighthouses. This area falls under the newly designated UNESCO Southwest Nova Scotia biosphere. Accommodations range from a Lodge, to a hostel. Brier Island makes a great weekend explore! June 18, 2009